I design, you choose, we create! November 18 2013

 A while ago, I designed a new jumpsuit, the Orchid. The flower and this jumpsuit not only have their name in common but their meaning as well,  they're both magnificent and bring a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury & strength. It's a beautiful piece that suits many and is already sold in a variety of colors. 

Last week some girls truly understood what quenb's all about! They loved the Orchid, but not as is. They asked me to work with their personality, body and the design and from this, we created a dress and a top. Both still have the elegance of the original design and are entirely different at the same time!

And that is what quenb is! You choose a garment from the collection and then we work with it. Length, width, neckline, sleeves,...everything will be created especially for you!